Health and Well being

Health and Well-Being

LGBTQ health is important to address – but not just sexual health. The community’s health was thrown into the spotlight after Freddie Mercury was the first major rock star to died of AIDS in 1991. Nowadays it’s important to be concerned about mental health and well-being.

International research has found that gay, lesbian and bisexuals tend to smoke more and consume more alcohol. There is a possibility this could be linked to the stresses of fighting stubborn societies and the need to try relax and re-group. Other studies have made note of taking care of the individuals mental health- some feel they aren’t getting any closer to equality and develop anxiety and even depression(not linked only to the LGBTQ community). Being stigmatised in society and experiencing discrimination over sexual orientation is a difficult issue to try and accept – problems with society’s discrimination can have psychological repercussions and in some circumstances has led to suicide – which in unacceptable in the 21st century.

Sexual health is important whatever your sexual orientation is. STIs, ovarian cancer, HIV are just some risks to be aware of concerning your sexual health.

Family rejection and domestic abuse issues are still very high numbers and there are plenty of examples online. Support from those closest to you is essential when you’re facing unsupportive societies and even religious group, especially if you have a strong faith. A feeling of loneliness and bullying are not issues you want to go through alone, it is bad for mental and physical health.

It is difficult and brave to be open about your sexual orientation and choice to society nowadays as you face so much negativity towards your own personal life. Homophobia is still a huge issue but it seems as same-sex marriages are being passed worldwide, the mentalities of people(and society) are changing which is a positive step in the right direction.

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