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‘A Shred Of Decency’ Campaign To Support Gay Marriage

As the Republic of Ireland gets ready for it’s May referendum on gay marriage, a paper company in Dublin city centre has decided to publicly take on the negative output of anti-gay campaigners and turn their distasteful messages into a positive symbol.

Daintree Paper has launched a campaign called ‘A Shred of Decency’ which takes leaflets and printed out tweets containing misleading and anti-gay protests aimed at persuading people to vote against the legalisation of same-sex gay marriage in the referendum, and turns them into wedding “confetti made from 100 per cent recycled lies”.

The packets of heart-shaped confetti cost €5 and 100% the money is donated to the Yes Equality campaign.

Daintree says paper is its “favourite thing in the whole world”, and it wasn’t “one bit happy” to see it used “to spread some ugly lies” about gay people and same-sex marriage”.

Containing unfounded statements suggesting that gay people “contract cancers earlier in life” and that children adopted by same-sex couples are “50 times more likely to die of injuries inflicted on them,” many of the pamphlets have upset the people they’ve been given to in Dublin.

While the company is shipping its confetti internationally they cannot collect leaflets other than in Dublin. To fix this issue they have come up with another idea to support gay marriage.

“If you see any negative and dishonest tweets about the marriage referendum on Twitter, we can shred these Tweets for you too!” reads the campaign website. “Just reply to the dishonest tweet and add #shredthistweet. We will then print the tweet off and add it to the pile.”

“We’ll also send a tweet to the source of the dishonesty and thank them for their very generous help in supporting YES Equality,” the company notes. “We will try (and probably fail) to suppress a tiny smile whilst doing so.”

This campaign to support gay marriage has only just launched and has attracted worldwide attention from plenty of newspapers and journalists.



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